Meet the Neokidney


  • Merely 5 litres of dialysis fluid is needed per dialysis treatment. As a result Neokidney’s power consumption is low and the device could be engineered as the smallest and lightest home hemodialysis device ever.
  • Weighing close to 10kg, its compact design fits into cabin-size luggage and gives the patient full freedom to choose the treatment location and travel.
  • Eliminate need of cumbersome water treatment system and supplies.


  • Due to certified CF (Cardiac Floating) technology, Neokidney needs no earthing and can be plugged in and used anywhere without prior electrical verification or intervention. (both on 110V and 220V)
  • Patients are no longer restricted to one specific room for treatments.
  • No need for home electrical modifications.



  • Easy setup due to pre-mounted blood and dialysate cartridges and bagged fluids.
  • Uploading of patient prescription and downloading of treatment data via USB key. Software designed ready for the cloud.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to peripheral devices such as a weighing scale and a blood pressure monitor.
  • Detachable tablet with step by step guide for system setup, treatment and takedown.

Our Unique Sorbent Technology

The Nextkidney sorbent, the first regenerative dialysis technology to comply with the strict requirements of today’s industry standard for Hemodialysis devices, IEC60601-2-16. Nextkidney sorbent is sodium neutral during treatment. It regenerates dialysate that meets the international quality standards of conventional dialysis.

Thanks to our unique Know-How, our sorbent is compact and portable. Our sorbent technology is more than a water treatment system. It purifies and regenerates used dialysate.

The sorbent is fully disposable and biocompatible for dialysis applications with a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.