About Nextkidney

Who we are

Nextkidney B.V. is a Dutch company with subsidiaries in Switzerland and Singapore, co-founded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation and supported by major Dutch health insurers and patients’ associations and medical professionals worldwide.

What we do


Nextkidney has developed the first truly portable Home Hemodialysis device, the Neokidney. It makes dialysis possible wherever and whenever patients want and gives them their autonomy and freedom back.

A number of advantages in a row:

  • Better quality of life for patients.
  • Supports frequent dialysis leading to a higher life expectancy.
  • Lower treatment costs due to less support from healthcare professionals and less dialysis fluid required.

Why we do it


We want to use technological innovations to give kidney dialysis patients their lives back, enabling them to adapt the treatment to their lives instead of their lives being dictated by the treatment.

Meet the team

Build by a team of experienced experts

Jérôme Augustin

Chief Executive Officer

John Stooker

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Didier Vecten

Chief Technological Officer

Christophe Conan

R&D Director

Jasmin Wong

Chief Executive Officer Nextkidney Singapore

Christian Bluechel

Chief Technological Officer Nextkidney Singapore