Finally, hemodialysis made portable


Low volume of fluids needed per treatment

Truly Portable

Compact and lightweight. Easily transportable

Easy to use

User-friendly interface. Intuitive design

Improving quality of life

The Neokidney offers flexibility to dialyse anywhere in your home. Neokidney fits to your lifestyle, your personal and professional life.

With close to 10kg and compact design, it fits into cabin-size luggage and gives the patient full freedom to travel and choose the location of treatment.

We believe in simplicity. Our user-friendly interface ensures that patients and caregivers can operate the device easily.

In partnership with

Designed with all stakeholders in mind


Patient’s quality of life centred.

Gives you back control, gives you back your life and to suit your life and not shape it.

Medical staff

Simplicity of use

Nextkidney partners with nephrologists and nurses to meet the highest standards of patient safety and efficacy of treatment.

Multiple Award-Winning Company

Milestones of our project


Start of Neokidney project


Health insurers CZ, Menzis and Achmea join the project


Debiotech SA and Neokidney Holding BV found joint venture Nextkidney SA


Wins prestigious PERL Award and Venture Award


Completion of the alpha prototype of the cycler


Founding of Dutch parent company Nextkidney BV


Group of French informal investors invest €6M in Nextkidney BV


Acquisition of Dialyss ltd Singapore


Group of Dutch informal investors invest €2M in Nextkidney BV


Nextkidney raised €11.9m in a B funding Round.The B round combined €7.8m investment by professional and informal investors in France and the Netherlands with a crowdfunding campaign raising €4.1m.