Truly Portable

To make Home Hemodialysis treatment more accessible we developed the lightest, economic and patient friendly portable device. Meet the Neokidney.

Less fluids

Low volume of fluids needed per treatment (5 litres).


The smallest and lightest Home Hemodialysis device available

Intuitive and user friendly

Detachable tablet guiding and informing patients throughout setup and treatment.

Improving quality of life

Neokidney is the smallest and lightest Home Hemodialysis device ever. With weight close to 10kg and compact design, the Neokidney offers flexibility in the place of treatment within the home.

With close to 10kg and compact design, it fits into cabin-size luggage and gives the patient full freedom to travel and choose the location of treatment.

With its “plug and play” technology and need for only 5 litres of dialysis fluid, the patient can adapt the treatment to his personal life instead of adapting his life to the treatment needed.

In partnership with

Designed with all stakeholders in mind


Patient’s quality of life centred.

Neokidney emphasises patients’ quality of life by offering multiple unique features.

Medical staff

Safety and Effectiveness

Nextkidney is working closely with Dialysis staff to meet the highest standards of patient safety and efficacy of treatment.

Multiple Award-Winning Company

About Neokidney

The Neokidney fits on a nightstand and is therefore less intrusive on patients' home and family life. No additional 25-60 litres fluid system is needed. As the Neokidney uses a sorbent cartridge to regenerate dialysis fluid, it only uses 5 litres of fluids which come in bags.

One of the unique features of the Neokidney is its fully “cardiac floating” electric power technology. It comes with a simple two pole power plug (110V and 220V) without any earthing comparable with a phone charger. This leads to patients being very flexible in choosing their preferred place for treatment, both within and outside of the home environment.

The Neokidney offers all the advantages of frequent low-flow (max. 300 ml/min) dialysis: - Better regulation of the fluid balance, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications, such as high blood pressure and left ventricular hypertrophy. - More frequent dialysis means an improvement in the phosphocalcium metabolism. - Less (additional) medication required and a shorter recovery time after dialysis sessions treatment.

The Neokidney is the smallest and lightest Home Hemodialysis device ever. With a weight close to 10kg and a compact design, it fits into cabin-size luggage, giving the patient full freedom to travel and choose their treatment location.

The team

Build by a team of experienced experts

Jérôme Augustin

Chief Executive Officer

John Stooker

Chief Financial Officer

Didier Vecten

Chief Technical Officer

Christophe Conan

R&D Director

Jasmin Wong

Chief Executive Officer Nextkidney Singapore

Christian Bluechel

Chief Technical Officer Nextkidney Singapore

Milestones of our project


Start of Neokidney project


Health insurers CZ, Menzis and Achmea join the project


Debiotech SA and Neokidney Holding BV found joint venture Nextkidney SA


Wins prestigious PERL Award and Venture Award


Completion of the alpha prototype of the cycler (main part of the device).


Founding of Dutch parent company Nextkidney BV


Group of French informal investors invest €6M in Nextkidney BV


Acquisition of Dialyss ltd Singapore


Group of Dutch informal investors invest €2M in Nextkidney BV


Nextkidney raised €11.9m in a B funding Round.The B round combined €7.8m investment by professional and informal investors in France and the Netherlands with a crowdfunding campaign (led by OnePlanetCrowd) raising €4.1m.