Nextkidney B.V. raises 11.9 Million EUR to bring first portable hemodialysis device to patients!

February 16, 2023



BUSSUM, The NetherlandsFeb. 16, 2023

Nextkidney is proud to announce that it has raised 11.9m EUR in a recent B funding round. The B round combined 7.8m EUR investment by professional and informal investors in France and the Netherlands with a crowdfunding campaign (led by OnePlanetCrowd) raising 4.1m EUR . The funds will be used for clinical trials and market clearance of the company’s ground-breaking portable device.

Dialysis market demands a truly portable device

The treatment of kidney failure is a growing issue in public health policies. It is one of the main sources of healthcare costs in western societies with over $40 Bio spent in 2020 only in the United States, while there is an annual growth of 6% of kidney patients dependent on dialysis worldwide.

Jérôme Augustin, Chief Executive Officer of Nextkidney BV: “The continued growth of the global dialysis market demands for a device that addresses current issues of manpower, logistics and patients’ quality of life. The Neokidney™ does this by enabling patients to perform dialysis treatments any place at any time, not hampered by logistics of fluids or infrastructure, enabling patients to longer stay connected to society and their professional lives”.

Neokidney™ enables dialysis treatment to adapt to patients’ lives

The Neokidney™ is set to improve patient outcome and economics. Its award-winning design enhances patients’ dialysis experience with a simple to use interface and minimal footprint in patients’ homes. Its sorbent technology drastically reduces fluid usage and power consumption, providing dialysis therapy outcomes which are on par with those of state-of-the-art home hemodialysis devices. The Neokidney™ really makes dialysis treatment adaptable to the patients’ lives!

“We are thrilled to have raised this significant amount of funding, which will allow us to bring our innovative device through clinical trials and market clearance,” said John Stooker, CFO of Nextkidney. “Our goal is to improve the lives of kidney failure patients by offering them a solution that is both effective and convenient, and we believe that our device will do more than just that.”

Nextkidney’s crowd funding campaign garnered strong interest from healthcare providers and patients internationally who eagerly anticipate the launch of the Neokidney™. This reassures the need for a hemodialysis device that is truly portable.

About Nextkidney

Nextkidney’s mission is to improve the quality of live of dialysis patients worldwide with the development of the Neokidney™ home hemodialysis device. The company places the patient and his/her quality of life at the centre of its approach and uses innovative technologies to offer a safe, practical, and easy-to-use solution. The Neokidney™ is a registered trademark of NextKidney S.A.