Neokidney and Debiotech join forces in Nextkidney SA and appoint Jérôme Augustin CEO of the company

June 15, 2020


Lausanne (Switzerland) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands), June 15, 2020.

Debiotech SA and Neokidney BV announced today that they are joining forces to enable Nextkidney SA to finalize the development and the commercialization of the Neokidney, the first truly portable – plug and play – user friendly home hemodialysis device that only uses 7 liters of fluids and can be used anywhere. Jérôme Augustin will lead the company to bring the Neokidney to market introduction.


The treatment of kidney failure is a growing issue in public health policies. Necessary for the survival of patients, it has an irremediable impact on life and gives those suffering from End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) the feeling of surviving rather than living. It is also one of the main sources of healthcare costs in our western societies with over $36 Bio spent in 2017 only in the United States, while there is an annual growth of 6% of kidney patients dependent on dialysis worldwide.

A shift from hospital to homecare is strongly advocated by patients, desiring not only more individualized medical treatment but also seeking to significantly improve their quality of life. Consequences of COVID-19, making home treatment an imperative for many, underline the urgency of this shift.

It is in this context that Debiotech has been developing solutions for home dialysis for many years. Its DialEase miniaturized peritoneal dialysis machine has been licensed to Fresenius Medical Care, the world leader in this field. Neokidney, an initiative of the Dutch Kidney Foundation strongly supported by three major Dutch Health Insurance companies, aims to support the development of innovative devices to improve the quality of life of ESRD patients. Together with the team of Dialyss Pte Ltd, these parties have been working over the last five years on the Neokidney with the mission of radically changing home hemodialysis by offering a small, portable and easy to use solution, giving the patient back some of his or her freedom.

Nextkidney SA will be able to benefit from both the technical skills brought by Debiotech and from the network, including patients, healthcare practitioners and health insurance companies, developed by Neokidney BV and the Dutch Kidney Foundation. “By joining Nextkidney we make the next step to offer many kidney patients worldwide who are waiting for a better treatment a real alternative that can fundamentally improve the quality of their lives” says Tom Oostrom, Director of the Dutch Kidney Foundation and chair of the Board of Neokidney BV. “Together with Neokidney BV we will be in the best position to ensure the success of Neokidney and bring a real change to patient’s Quality of Life. Jérôme Augustin, as CEO, will bring all of his experience in the field to make the Neokidney product available to patients in the most efficient time frame” adds Frédéric Neftel MD, President of

Debiotech SA. “What’s happening today is an important step, the reward for major efforts made by a dynamic team. I’m very happy to see Jérôme taking over to bring this adventure to a successful conclusion” completes Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, Chief Executive Officer of Debiotech SA and Chief Executive Officer a.i. of Nextkidney SA. “Joining Nextkidney today means taking the lead of an exceptional team and together transforming an elegant technology into a truly revolutionary product. This is a mission that I am proud to take on” concludes Jérôme Augustin, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Nextkidney SA.

About Nextkidney

Nextkidney’s mission is to develop and commercialize the Neokidney home hemodialysis device. Placing the patient and his quality of life at the center of its approach, the company uses innovative technologies to offer a safe, practical and easy-to-use solution as quickly as and widely as possible throughout the world.